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Fly Tying Classes

with Dave Skok

I have always enjoyed teaching people how to tie flies.  I now offer several classes for fly shops and clubs and private groups.  I have been doing my Small Tuna class for several years and it has proved to be quite popular.  The Striper Flats Flies class is newer but the response has been favorable.  The Big Bass Class was new for '06 and features some grande bugs that are sure to please the grande stripers.  I will also be doing some shorter classes (two to three hours long) this winter at First Light Anglers and The Bear's Den - check back for details or join my mailing list to be notified.

Most classes are full-day (10AM - 4PM), sometimes with a short slide show at lunch time that discusses tactics, equipment and spots.  I provide all the necessary materials and a detailed syllabus but students should have their own vise and tools.

Students should have prior tying experience.

Contact info for each shop is listed below.

Big Bass Flies Class
Flies to be covered:
Boyle's Red Can Squid
Flat-Wing Eel
Del’s Merkin (Lady Calico Crab)
Double-Stuff Gurgler
Bonito / Albie (Small Tuna) Class
Flies to be covered:
Popovics’ Stick Candy
Bonito Deceiver
Peterson's Tinker Mackerel
Flats Flies for Picky Stripers Class
Flies to be covered:
Del’s Merkin (Lady Calico Crab)
Popovics’ Jiggy (sand eel)
Skok's Blind Crab (mole crab / sand flea)
Cape Cod Sand Eel (Half & Half)

Scheduled Classes:


Date Class Venue Contact
January 28th, 2009 Crabs & Shrimps (North & South) First Light Anglers, Rowley, MA Derek Spingler
February 28th, 2009 Open Forum The Bear's Den Expo,   Taunton, MA Scott Wessels
March 7th, 2009 Open Forum The Bear's Den,   Taunton, MA Scott Wessels
April 22nd, 2009 Warmwater Specials First Light Anglers, Rowley, MA Derek Spingler
Winter 2009 TBA Stone River Outfitters, Bedford, NH Dan Fitzgerald
Winter 2009 TBA The Angler's Den, Pawling, NY Rob Lewis
Winter 2009 TBA The Saltwater Edge, Newport, RI Peter Graeber
Winter 2009 TBA Westport Outfitters, Norwalk, CT Eric Johnson